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Our Publishing Services


Whatever your requirements Unique Publishing provides the solutions. Whether you are a major publisher who wishes to branch out into another direction or an author struggling to turn your words into a finished book, we can lead you in the right direction with our comprehensive range of publishing services.



Whilst our specialisations are transport, rail, commercial vehicles, trams, trolleybuses, buses, industrial archaeology, canals and waterways, military, military (and rail) modelling, maritime, naval, aviation, and history we are able to provide complete or partial content for any non-fiction subject where required. We can also source images and illustrations for any publication or article.

From cover design to page layout., full book or magazine creation and marketing design.


We provide editing, research, picture vetting, proof-reading, indexing, cartography, packaging, project management, liaison with authors and commissioning by contract.


We can supply effective marketing plans for your new title or entire list or genre direction. as well as advice on sales strategies. We can also offer web content and design services.


We organise print buying, liaison with printers and full project management


From single title suggestion and description to a fully costed publishing programme, we can provide new title ideas to fit your publishing schedule with a treatment and Advance Information sheet.



Unique Publishing offers scanning, illustration, project management, artwork checks, liaison with designers, and commissioning of designers.


Bespoke publishing for authors from raw manuscript and unscanned images through to finished books via our own or your imprint, liaison with distributors and sales team as well as specialised marketing; development of sales leads and strategies.


We can help you print and publish your own book by providing professional and affordable solutions to every element of the process.


Every book is different and we recognise how important it is to you to have your book handled with care and respect in a process that fulfils your vision.


You can choose between us doing everything or simply helping out in areas of your choice from our menu of services 


Editing & formatting


We can take your words and edit them for consistency, grammar and spelling and provide the result in a print-ready format


Image Provision & formatting


We can source images for your book or take your images and format them correctly for printing. Always remember that most sourced images may attract a fee for reproduction.


Page Layout & Design


With your content in place we can set it into pages and/or design the entire book, including the cover, to help you realise your vision




Now that you book is ready, we can source the best printer for the job bearing in mind cost and timing, and provide you with at least two quotations for comparison


E–book formatting


If you want to make your book available for download online, we can quote for this and organise the entire process


Registration & Distribution


If you want to sell your book on Amazon and in shops etc. it will need to be registered with a number of official agencies and have its own unique identifying number (ISBN). These registrations are free but we can take the hassle out of the process


Sales & Marketing


Depending on what you want to do with your book we can advise on how to sell it, offer it to Amazon and key wholesalers and produce a marketing plan to maximise exposure


Your book is important, and whether it’s a short novel or a huge illustrated coffee-table book, contact us today for a quote, guidance and advice … or just a chat.

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All trade orders should be placed with Orca Book Services Ltd. 
To set up an account with Orca email


Orca Book Services Limited, 
Order Department, 
160 Milton Park, 
Abingdon, Oxon 
OX14 4SB


Fax: 01235 465555


Orca Book Services Limited, 
Credit Control Department, 
160 Milton Park, 
Abingdon, Oxon 
OX14 4SD


Authorised Returns: 
Orca Book Services Limited, 
Unit A3, 
Fleets Corner, 
Poole, Dorset 
BH17 0HL

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